Thursday, September 3, 2009

People Who Drive Me Crazy

Everyone who is not as smart as I think I am

There. My list is done. Hmmmmmmmmmmm it is a lot shorter than I first envisioned.

Oh wait!! Don't go! I just thought of more otherwise it would have been a boring post.

Ok here it goes.

First the obvious.

People that say "Pacific" instead of "specific"

People that ride the 1 mile long right hand turn lane (that several businesses exit from) only NOT to turn into one of those business but at the END of the mile. Bastards, I could have turned right a long damn time ago, but I THOUGHT you were turning where I was exiting. Dumbasses.

People that can't seem to understand the concept of simple "yes" or "no" questions.

People who argue with me when I tell them they have the wrong number and tell me they will sue the shit out of me if they fall into this hole that was dug (not by the company I work for or anybody affiliated with my company) I hope you have a helluva lawyer to pull THAT one off buddy!

People that say "every single" It's kind of redundant. (I am guilty of this one)

People (or in this case female co-worker) who call me babe, hon, gorgeous, Miss Patti, Mama, sugar, doll or any of those sickening names. One day... I will go off on her

People who give me their zip code when I ask for their area code and phone number. I repeat myself, they do it again. I say it one more time.. THEN it dawns on them what I am asking. I guess somewhere in there I stopped speaking Russian and started speaking English

People who feel the need to spell every word they say while on the phone with me.

Who drives you crazy?


A Mom on Spin said...

I guess you could have stopped with the first one. . . 'cause all the rest fall into the "People who aren't as smart as I am" category.

I know exactly how you feel! It's tough being brilliant. . .isn't it?

dizzblnd said...

Yes yes.. it's a curse acutally.

Deb said...

my personal favorite is the phrase "that's a whole nother _______ "

i am not a big fan of hon or babe. creepy and condescending, if you ask me. i guess if it is someone over the age of, let's say, 70, that would be marginally acceptable.

darsden said...

LOL and I am guessing you don't like people from the South Ms at all ;-)

Mango Girl said...

Yeah, tough being brilliant.

I CAN'T stand it when people want to "axe" somethin'. I heard a FEDERAL JUDGE use that word many times during a high profile case. I wanted to vomit!

SkylersDad said...

My latest hate is the phrase everyone seems to be using, "It is what it is".

I want to slap people in the side of the damn head!

Anonymous said...

Woops! I always call people I like "sweetie."

That puts me in the driving you crazy category doesn't it?

Well then can I at least eatz your brainz? hee hee

sherri said...

Honey-Irregardless of how you feel about this, I have a whole nother thought on this subject. All of the sudden it dawned on me, every single time someone speaks in ways that irritate me... I'm going to anonymously send them the correct info either by email or snail mail.

(Was that little paragraph annoying enough for you?)

I use words at times, that I've completely made up myself- I'm sure that's annoying to people on a regular basis. Then there's my typos...

* I also do not liked to be called Honey, Babe, Sweetie- seems condescending or insincere and especially rude when it comes from men who I don't know.

J.J. in L.A. said...

The 'yes' or 'no' thing irritates the crap out of me! I don't want your damn life story and you just wasted 10 minutes of my life!

The only thing that comes to mind (I'm a little slow today) is when people say 'offen' instead of 'ofTen'. Drives me up a wall!

OH! OH! OH! And when people say, "I'll pray for you." I know their hearts are in the right place, but who made me this way? lol!

Nap Warden said...

I agree with A Mom on Spin...why can't everyone just come up to our level?;)

otin said...

I hate it when people say "Miles an hour" rather than "Miles Per hour"

I hate people who move my car seat.

I hate it when people say that they feel sorry fore me because of religious issues.

I hate the Geico Caveman!!!!

LMAO....Oh this is your blog, sorry!! HAHAHA!!!

Sorry about the tears also! :)

dizzblnd said...

Deb.. I guess I can let it slide with you.. occasionally.. lol
Yeah I don't mind it when coming from the elderly. But from people I can't stand... no thanks

Dar.. LOL nope I LOVE you.. just not the girl at work.

MG.. That's ANOTHER one! Drives me nuts! I ask them.. "where will you hide the body?"

Chris.. Yeah! WTF DOES that nean?

QL.. you can call me sweetie all you like. I LIKE you! I'll give you a nibble

Sherri. You had me rolling.. after I caught on ..after reading that paragraph 3 times.. yeah.. I'm a little slow LMAO

JJ. Yep I would drive you nuts on a daily basis.. whenever anyone is having a tough time.. I will tell them that.

NW the world would be a much better place wouldn't it... sigh

Otin... Hey I asked right? Tears are good! Stress relief. ;)

ReformingGeek said...

I have a bad habit of getting all the little catch phrases wrong. I'm sure I would drive you nutmeg. I mean "nuts".


dizzblnd said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nutmeg

blognut said...

I have no patience for anyone, actually.

I try not to hold it against people, but they all drive me crazy! :)

p-huong said...

People who can't take the initiative to make a decision. Example:

- Where do you want to eat?

- I don't care. You decide.

- Okay, well I could go for some Indian food. How about ______?

- No. I don't like Indian.

- Okay, what do you want to eat?

- It doesn't matter... anything but Indian.

Fuck you. I'm eating Indian food with out you.

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