Monday, August 10, 2009

A funny thing happened at Dunkin Donuts yesterday

I walk in with my daughter and I hear "OMG IS THAT SOGGY DOGGY BLOGGY AND THE WATER BOTTLE BLOG?" I look around astounded that anyone would know who we are. I look over towards the voice and I see someone that looks familiar. Then it dawns on me. It is an unnamed (per our agreement) but VERY beloved blogger. Let's just say her blog is similar to a fictional blog I am calling, "I Want an Alcoholic Beverage Aunt Jane" If you follow her.. you know of whom I am speaking. We were thrilled that she recognized us.

OK OK so it didn't happen QUITE like that. She is in one city away from me visiting a family member. So we got in contact with each other and I met her at Dunkin Donuts. She was there for the free Wi-Fi to get some "work" done. I am not sure we were helpful in that aspect.

She DID say we could post her pic. That is me on the left, logically that leaves her on the right

LOOK! A Water Bottle my daughter in the middle

Yeah yeah yeah.. I know I was supposed to crop it but you'll get over it. ;)

She is the funniest, most gracious, down to earth, humblest people I have ever met. You know how you wonder if people hide behind their blogs? I can tell you she does not! She doesn't understand her popularity. I do. I have followed her since I started blogging in October '08. I could just tell she was genuine.

We talked about Blogher, though I didn't get to go, I LOVE hearing all about it. We discussed our families, blogging, just about everything.

There were other people in the restaurant and one girl was listening in on us, which was fine. Tiffany and I had the same thought.. "I wonder if that girl knew who we all were?" After all we did say the names of our blogs quite a few times, probably a little louder than we should have. Isn't that conceited of us? LOL But that girl was kind enough to take the last pic. Probably because she was thrilled to be in our presence excitedly ran over and begged we asked her to take it for us.

Today, this wonderful unnamed blogger is spending the day at the beach, while I sit here in my office and slave away. If I had any sick time.. I would SO be at the beach.

Thank you for taking the time out to meet us. It really means a lot to me that you would do so. I can wait until you come back again so we can get completely wasted together and do something a lot more fun. Have a safe trip home!

I promised you South Beach pics , You will get them tomorrow.


quirkyloon said...

How fun!

But too bad for you...Dunkin Donuts? No tequila or vodka!

Looks like AD had it good...lots of water! hee hee

dizz said...

I know right? The NERVE of them not selling alchohol. Yep losta water for her bottle

Guest said...

God your comment box is sooo difficult to use on a bb!

I wish I would be able to meet a good blogger, I mean its awesome knowing all of you on here but it has to be a great feeling meeting one face to face, I'm jealous!

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darsden said...

how cool was that and sooo cool of you not to give her away...she likes it quiet like that... awesome you lucky dog you ;-)

what happened to your user friendly comment box

Recent blog:=- Hello World

dizz said...

I'm sorry, they just recently changed to this new one. Iam seriously considering going back to bloggers comment box.

It was pretty cool meeting her. She is so very sweet. Who knows? One of these days we just might meet ;)

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dizz said...

I felt very honored to meet her. She is so very sweet!

About the comment box.. I have had somany complaints, I think I am going back to bloggers comment box

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Skylers Dad said...

I think it is great that two of my favorite bloggers got to meet, even if I could not be in between!

dizz said...

LOL chris... maybe next time. And thank you. I am flattered :)

dizzblnd said...

OK No more freaky comment boxes! I am sorry all of your comments got deleted :(

Ann's Rants said...

That is a CRAZY bizarre coincidence. Thank you very very very very much for getting rid of the boxes.

Great pics. You are all adorable.

AD said...

I say we're pretty lucky to have met her. :]

And we didn't have to go to Chicago to do so! :D

otin said...

It did not work last time I was here, must have been a glitch! I would love to meet more bloggers!

ReformingGeek said...

Sounds fun! Yippee! I can comment!

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

That is so awesome - I've met one blogger in person and had a GREAT time!

Nap Warden said...

I met her at Blogher...she is great! So cool that you two got to hang out.

I so agree with your point. I noticed at Blogher that a lot of folks were not the same person they are on their blogs. I try really hard to be myself on my blog. I can't see being any other way:)

Anonymous said...

Can I have your autograph? Total bummer that you lost your have a great funny group of followers and I laughed and enjoyed their comments ALMOST as much as your blog.
It's a small, small world!

Vodka Mom said...

it was AMAZING meeting you and your adorable daughter.

Next year we are going to get "sodas" together.

for sure!!!!!!!

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