Monday, July 13, 2009

The pets and their housekeeping staff live here

Any of you that spoil your pets know that it comes at a huge price. The 2 cats and 2 dogs that allow us to reside here have taken over the household.

Let's take Cleo.

She's my cat. Hubby rescued her from a feral pack of cats when she was only about 6 weeks old. She is now 14. She has ruled me that long. She sleeps on me, often licking my nose as soon as she sees my eyes are open, she demands food immediately after waking, she will walk all the way around the sectional walking over her other servants (family members) just to lay on my lap. I think if she could curl up inside me, she would. She's the Alpha Female none of the other pets mess with her. They know better.. except for 1, I'll get to her later.

Now Beau.

When my hubby brought him home from the bar as a puppy, he was told his mother was a beagle. When we took him to the vet for the first time. The vet said he was part beagle part JRT (Jack Russel Terrier) and would never get any bigger than 40 pounds. 9 years and 80 pounds later, he is the biggest JRT/Beagle I have ever seen in my life. He is a bed hog, or a couch hog or a wherever he decides to lay hog. We have a queen size bed. He sleeps at the foot of the bed. MANY times hubs and I have woken up straddling him because he works his way length-wise between our legs. Or we are forced to one side of the bed or the other because he wants to lay catty doggy corner. OR he moves up so far on the bed, we are often forced to the fetal position; which is fine by Cleo, because she LOVES to lay ON my side. He only wants to go outside when it is his idea. Even if he is right by the door and I open it.. I often have to force him to go outside where he runs quickly and pees. He will bark at his food dish when it is empty.

Now we come to the REAL ruler of the household; Rosie.

She is a small little Dachshund. She thinks she is a big bad Doberman. She should have been named Linus. She has a blanket, actually whatever blanket, comforter, towel she is under is hers. If you DARE try and take it from her, you will likely draw back a bloody stump. She loves her blanket so much, she humps it. She doesn't like horseplay, if The Boy and his father wrestle or anyone in the family, she goes nuts and will protect the victim. She bites hard. She sleeps with The Boy and is also a bed hog on his queen sized bed.

Now Jelly Bean. My daughters cat. She has posted about her on her blog many times. The Water Bottle

Don't let her cuteness fool you. She is 8 months old and is spawned from the very depths of hell. She races around the house at 90 MPH. She attacks anything that moves. She loves to catch flies, and she is the only one dumb enough to mess with Cleo. JB NEVER wins. Last night, she jumped on the pantry shelf and grabbed a bag of raman noodles and brought them out to us.. it was too cute. We all love her despite the scratches and bruised she gives us.

They allow us to live here, so we can feed them and take over our beds, our lives and our routines. I am convinced one day we will come home and find all of the locks changed.


quirkyloon said...

Ahh, I can totally relate. We have three mutts who rule our household.

You got some cute and funny pets there, GF!

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Rachel said...

Oh boy. We have 2 cats, both black. One is a crotchety old lady who has owned me since I was in college, the other an obnoxious, annoying bastard who I allow to live only because the kids love him so!

blognut said...

Sounds suspiciously similar to the way it is at my house.

dizz said...

I think if we love our pets, we let them run us. I don't think that's a bad thing as long as we are all happy. I am glad you like my pets

Recent blog:=- The pets and their housekeeping staff live here

dizz said...

I think it is a conspiracy.. they will eventually take over the world.

Recent blog:=- The pets and their housekeeping staff live here

dizz said...

Yeah I know how you feel. There are other people who have pets that fit the 2nd category.

Recent blog:=- The pets and their housekeeping staff live here

Eternally Distracted said...

Sounds like the cats and dogs have their work cut out - What with trying to get fed on time and moving you humans around to make space for them!

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Guest said...

look at all the sweet. Yea they told me Rudey was full grown (at six weeks old)at the pound at 4 pounds...uhmmmm add another 15 pounds to that and yes she is full grown! LOL

Skylers Dad said...

They are all beautiful, kudos to you for giving them such a good home!

Skye said...

Oh man, this is funny! Yes I can totally relate to this, Silv and I have an oversized Doberman that we adopted from the local Humane Society. He takes over the bed as well, decides when he wants out (sometimes laughing at us because he's just pretending), and walks around with either his food or water dish if they inadvertantly end up empty and we don't notice. He sits there with his head on my lap giving me huge puppy eyes telling me he's starving to death if I'm trying to eat something. Of course I end up giving him half of what I had planned on eating myself. Yep, I know just what you mean by the pets are out to rule!

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Suzy said...

My sister's dog will NOT eat out of an aluminum bowl. He's so spoiled. My sister leaves his food dish out until he finishes. I don't play that way. When he's over here, I leave it out for 30 minutes. At the end of 30 I pick it up. Then he goes and stares at the empty spot for like 20 minutes. The next time he's fed at my house, he hurries up to finish because he knows what's coming.

ReformingGeek said...

That was funny! Yes indeed. Our pets rule the household. We finally had to kick kitteh out of our bedroom. Hubby's allergies were really acting up and he got tired of getting scratched if decided to turn over.

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otin said...

My cat does that shit with the fly catching, it looks like she has tourettes syndrome!!!

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Patricia said...

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