Friday, February 6, 2009

Part 2: Please take The Boy before I lose my mind

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So he is grounded for failing English. The trouble is, since he isn't grounded very often, he doesn't grasp the entire concept. We let him keep his phone and his laptop. But we hit him where it hurt him the most. He can't hang out with his friends. Either here or at their house.

But like any hormonal male that thinks with the wrong head, he didn't understand what that meant So he would ask me "Can I go to Tony's house? Can I go here, can I go there?" "NO! You are grounded" So next it was "OK, since I can't go there, can they come here?" I had to resort talking in his language.


He still didn't get it. He would put his friends on speaker to beg me. I would tell them.. "WHAT PART OF GROUNDED_DUH DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?"

The Boy is finally staring to get it at this point. "So you take away my social life?"

"YES! That's the 'DUH' part of 'Grounded-Duh'"

This past Wednesday, he was "sick" so I let him stay home from school. Since he takes his sister,he said he would drop her off and then come home. I asked her if there was anything she had to be at school for that day. She said "no" so she stayed home too. Thursday, he skipped 7th period to be with his girlfriend. You can read about these 2 events here and here as told by his sister, because I am too lazy to type it all.

Anyway, I told his father about him skipping 7th period. Tiffany said she knew more stuff so we made her tell us.. she did, as in links above. He told me he would handle it. He told her not to worry, that he wouldn't let him know she told.

That backfired. The Boy figured out that she told, and antagonized her until she admitted it.

So far, my hubby has talked to him very minumally about it. We are all decent to him, joke, laugh. we don't treat him like he is in trouble. We haven't told him what's going to happen. IT IS KILLING HIM. BUT I don't have to deal with ANY of it. Every move he makes, he has to talk to his dad, he told The Boy not to ask me anything, I have no authority. Which is fine with me, because he hasn't really been respecting me anyway. I cussed him ou for it one day too. He apologized for it, hugged me. He made me cry but DAMMIT I deserve respect.

I leave you all with this video that pretty much sums up all kids fast forward to minute 1:44 for BRAIN DAMAGE OH I am going to be gone most of the day.. so I'll ht you all up when I get back or tomorrow


Under the Influence said...

Ok, maybe it's time to take the phone and computer - then he can't talk to his friends to be invited anywhere!

dizzblnd said...

Believe me... I am about to that point.. but hubs has taken over. He is going to play on The Boys guilt

ReformingGeek said...

I love that video. I think every parent feels that way about their kids. What part of ______ don't you understand? Ha!

Mike said...

I like this Bill Cosby Character. Is he still alive?

Em said...

Three kids here...two teens and a 21 year old...and they are all brain damaged! LOL

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that.......


Keely said...

Ugh. Can't wait for those days to come.

Um, actually, yes I can.

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