Monday, February 2, 2009

Mad Lib Monday: Audition Letter for Talent Search

Dear Barbara Wawa (Walters?)

I am 3 years old, and I would like to audition for the talent search you're having on your skinny television program. You are my favorite TV Albatross and I think you would like my act. I open by playing the vibrator. Then I sing "Somewhere Over the Convertable" while juggling three houses
Then for a really boring finish to my act, I recite Lincoln's Gettysburg Boobs and go off stage waving an American mucus. If you give me the chance, I'm sure that I can become another Dick 'Buttkiss' or maybe even another Max. When I become rich and famous, I'll tell everyone that you gave me my first big ghost.

Yours Truly,


Thanks everyone for playing. If you missed playing this week, stalk me again every Sunday.


Mary Moore said...

I'd go see her just to see her come out as the vibrator.

Ann's Rants said...

Oh Coworker, I have complete faith that you can be the next Buttkiss!

Da Old Man said...

Very funny.

Dick Butkus may not be so amused.

dizzblnd said...

Mary.. I thought that was great to.. I've never seen anyone actually play the vibrator.. played WITH one yes... I must get me one that I can just play

Ann I just wonder what the hell a "Cow orker" is HA! nevermind, I may not want to know

Old man.. you're are probably correct. I bet he got beat up a lot in school

SkylersDad said...

That was wonderful!

ReformingGeek said...

Yep, WaWa is Walters. It's a joke from us older folks or maybe it's a southern thing.

Also, I'd like to see someone recite Boobs.

Very funny!

dizzblnd said...

Award winning Skylers Dad: I hope it never gets too old

RG: I think I have heard people refer to her that way before.

You're right... how would one recite "Boobs?" The guys would know

Under the Influence said...

If she's whipping out the vibrator, maybe this is the Playboy Channel's version of American Idol?

Lana said...

Oh this looks like fun! Maybe I should join in next week!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I got vibrator AND Dick Buttkiss in their!

Now I'm off to think of more inappropriateness for next week...

Thanks for adding mine!

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